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Specialists in industrial base metals, we have established a know-how of metals from collection to manufacture and processing, and are expanding a wide variety of business.


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Fine Arts & Crafts

With superior advanced technologies, we play a unique role to create products of greater artistic values.

Fine Arts & CraftsAs a proud metal specialist, Kurotani Corporation has created various crystallizations of beauty through the harmony with tradition and advanced technology. These creations are typified by high value added works of art made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum using advanced precision casting technology.


State-of-the-art casting technology and a traditional spirit make a deep impression on people.

nirvana statue of Buddha

nirvana statue of Buddha“Our policy would respond every customer’s needs.” It is embodied by the 1995 construction in bronze of the largest nirvana statue of Buddha in the world (length 41m and height 11m)(Nanzoin temple at Sasaguri, Fukuoka prefecture).
During casting and assembly, we went beyond the concepts associated with the manufacture of art works, to employ precise methods used in the construction of architectural structures. The project was successfully completed by combining our technological expertise in refining, processing metal analysis, and precision art casting technology that can produce wall thickness of only one millimeter.
A desire and challenge to try something new, combined with the technology to make it possible, resulted in the production of an absolutely unique work of art.


Indoor-Outdoor Museum


Within the head office of Kurotani Corporation you will find the Kurotani Museum, a permanent gallery displaying numerous works which made in collaboration with the artistic senses of leading Japanese sculptors and our own unsurpassed technologies. At the outdoor space, there is displaying examples of magnificent monuments that enrich and give color to parks and cityscapes, this indoor-outdoor museum will give a deep impression on people.


Fine Arts & Crafts Fine Arts & CraftsFine Arts & Crafts


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